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The Mod Manager

files types: .rfcmp (all content files like tracks/cars/UI/HUD) .rfmod (vmods)

Mod Manager

In Mod Manager: single cars are Vehicles, mods with multiple classes are Multi CMP.

It might look complicated but there are only a few things you should know:

Top of the screen 'viewing': Mods are vmods and Components is the content (tracks, cars etc.)
Allot of people don't see their tracks and cars, its because they did not tick Components. In fact, so many people fall for this it really should be changed into something more logical.

In the Mod Manager -as a user- the only time you really need to use mods is when you want to remove a or all vmods.
And unless you are using your own vmods in single player, all of them will be vmods collected from when you joined servers. even when you failed to join, it still might have installed the vmod.
So when its only server-vmods you wont be using them anymore so might as well remove them all from time to time: tick Mods, un-tick Components, select the top mod, hold shift and select them all at once. press uninstall, repeat and press delete.
When mass-deleting and unsure a certain server-vmod would still come in handy, don't even bother to check and remove it anyways, re-join that server later on and just let it re-install the vmod again.
The All Cars & Tracks vmod is hardcoded and cannot be removed

So now all you need to select is Components and then you can:

Install content

First you need to place the file (track/car/UI/HUD/etc) into the packages folder in order for it to show in the Mod Manager.
The Packages folder is located in either you main rf2 directory or when you installed default paths it will be in the Documents folder.
Now it will show in the Mod Manager, select it. press install.
Tip: It is even possible to install all-content-in-one-go (when you just re-installed rf2 and placed previously backed up files into Packages) at own risk - its unknown if this could lead to issues

Update content

When a track gets updated you either first remove the older version or when its a patch you place the patch into Packages, select the track and press update.
Note: you can have multiple versions of a track installed. be aware though that in rf2 tracks don't always show as versions so you might not know which is which.
When updating through a patch, and another patch is available, uninstall track, it will default to the original, place the new patch in the Mod Manager and update. (2 updates in mod manager for the same track don't work)
Note: When a track gets update your rubber files might not work anymore. create a new one.

Uninstall and Remove Content

Select car or mod, press uninstall. then press delete.
warning: If a track or car is also used in a vmod then the track will not uninstall. And if you don't take care of your vmods as explained above, there will be a million vmods attached to a track you want to remove. so repeat the remove-all-vmods-routine and safe yourself allot of time.

That's about it! the rest is all buttons for people whom like buttons.

Some tips:
Top of screen: click view to alter the appearance of the Mod Manager (no you cannot resize it yourself)
If you have some trouble with installing content checksum Options and Verify to do a check.

Also good to know: when content is installed you don't actually have to have the content in Packages anymore. rf2 does not leach from Packages when running. so theoretically you could keep Packages empty.
But whatever you do with it (most people will leave it) make sure you have the files stored somewhere. if you need to re-install rf2 for whatever reason later on you realy don't want to have to re-download all that stuff.

warning: when installing the Content version of rfactor2 instead of Lite you will have pre-installed content available. Be aware that after uninstalling this content in the Mod Manager (other then content you manually added/installed/uninstalled later on) will disappear from the mod manager and can only be retrieved by manually downloading and installing again.

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