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rf2 Setup: Settings 5 tabs


This controls the graphics and the basic views of the sim. Take note that any Full or Max settings will push your hardware capabilities but not beyond! For example if your Graphics Card is old and rusty you might not see any difference in Texture Detail FULL or HIGH. The card simply will not go beyond its capabilities.
It will try though! And rf2 will certainly try to make it sweat, so when you encounter some issues or problems you need to start tweaking and experimenting. For that check out the Performance & Graphics section of this wiki. Much to know and tweak!

See also Settings in the Performance section


The very heart of your precious simulator.
First make sure your wheel is setup in windows properly & check if you have the latest drivers installed for your wheel.

Next is assigning funtions to your buttons, wheel and pedals: click Throttle on the right and press your throttle pedal, accept (or escape to cancel) and continue with Brake and all the rest of them.
Notice the difference tabs, there is much to set, but not all of them. just focus on the logical items and return to it later when you find stuff missing whilst on track.
Chat: in controls you can assign buttons to chat functions. the actual chatlines are to be added/changed inside the player.PLR files located in Userdata/player

Much of the other settings are to be experimented with, or advised by others. it depends allot on what kind of wheel and pedals you have, and what you prefer.
But important ones to focus on are Car Specific FFB Mult (the actual forces) FFB Smoothing (can differ per car, it will smooth out exaggerated effects) Sensitivity and Deadzone. They are the ones that will make the sim feel alive and realistic.
And no we cannot give you tips on that, it is much too specific, often combined with plugins and very personal. Searching the ISI forums would help though, there are many discussions and settings offered and often wheel/hardware-specific.

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Speaks for itself.

Video Res

This is the same as Configure Sim in the launcher as explained earlier. It doesn't matter which one you use. Make sure you click Apply though when testing or escape when returning without changes being applied.

See also Video Res in the performance section


This is mainly for Singleplayer or the few servers that use aids.
These settings can also be set on-track with all the F-keys. Note that if you are on a server that do not allow certain aids, you will not be able to select and use them.

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